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Structure and image in El laberint of loneliness





This study of the Peace Book poses the generic problem of the trial to try to find out how the formal ambiguity of the text engenders and authorises different readings. After analysing the structure of the book, I am reflecting on the symbols and central metaphors that give unity and complexity to this literary assay with its pluralistic layers of senses. In a second section I analysed two of the sequences of the second part of the book (on porphyriate and the Revolution) to gauge and interpret its review of Mexico’s history. I conclude that it is necessary to open the generic budgets of the text to read it alternatively or simultaneously as a test, narrative, autobiography and, at a symbolic level, as a modern myth or epic with roots in the past. Thus, perhaps we will be able to better understand this extraneous and hybrid work, which is at the same time an analytical and ironic deconstruction and an imaginative and symbolic construction of individual and collective identity.

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