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In Mexico, the death of art Teresa Margolles: when the saign work





At this beginning of XXIth century, Mexico is the theater of a fervent violence, boundless and barbarian violence. With war between drug cartels and government, reprisal between cartels, feminicide of Ciudad Juárez, the violence declines in all of its aspects and extends of the North to the whole country. The Mexican contemporary artistic scene is the reflection of this violence all out and the plastic arts wonder about the way it is necessary to represent it to denounce it. Teresa Margolles is one of the symbolic artists of this denunciation because she borrows her plastic vocabulary in the consequences of this violence : the murdered body. Her work does not place great emphasis on a visual representation of the violence, as makes it the gutter press by a saturation of violent images. The artist creates at her spectator’s a faintness, which touches the disgust, by using the blood and the human fat of the dead body, the sheets and the water which served to cover it and to clean it. Raw materials of its work, she weaves by their intermediary an aesthetics of the manslaughter which she puts in touch with her public, to the touch literally as figuratively.

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