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The teaching of Dutch at the IUT of Saint-Omer-Dunkerque


The Dutch language is taught mainly in northern France along the Belgian border from Dunkirk to Lille. It is the official language of the Netherlands and Flanders. Since 1945, these regions have become rich and industrialised, and “local globalisation” has multiplied the exchange of services and clientele. It has therefore become predominant for higher education, particularly vocational education, to confer this linguistic competence on the students it forms. For political and historical reasons (Flemish nationalism), it is indeed advantageous to be able to negotiate in their own language with our Flemish partners. Dutch is taught in our region at all levels of the school system. Unfortunately, due to the lack of interest among students and the desire for savings from a ministry that is not sensitive to the virtues of rare languages, this education must always be brought to an end.

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