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Space production and the foundations of contemporary territorial dynamics: restructuring, concentration, centralisation and fragmentation



ID: <10.4000/espacoeconomia.5980>·DOI: <10.4000/espacoeconomia.5980>


The present article aims to analyze the processes of concentration and centralization of urban activities in the metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro, at the interface of the dynamics of dispersion and fragmentation of its spatial conformation. The new dimensions of the logic production of metropolitan space are related to the relationship among the territorial dynamics of urban activities and the centralization of command, management and flows (material and immaterial) and the implications of this relationship in the restructuring of space. There is, therefore, a new tendency and a new factor in the perspective of the understanding of the production of the metropolitan space and its conformation in the contemporary urbanization. Being the tendency the historical concentration of the urban activities in the city of Rio de Janeiro and with that the strengthening of its centrality. The new factor rests on the reproduction of the metropolis towards the main axes of its metropolitan agglomeration, new centralities are reinforced through a spatial configuration intensified by regional integrations increasingly decisive for the reproduction of capital and the maintenance of its flagrant perverse logic in the process of production of space and life. The reaffirmation of the centrality of the city of Rio de Janeiro in the phase of contemporary urbanization does not annihilate the centralities in its area of influence and in the metropolitan periphery, however, it widens the spaces of fragmentation between the urban territories of the agglomeration, not disintegrating them, strengthening a dynamic of peripheral homogenization and dominant hierarchization.

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