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Brazilian action? Transits from the sex market


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Person (Philosophy)
Agent (Philosophy)
Agency (Philosophy)
Cultural anthropology
Races of man
Social anthropology
Identity (Philosophical concept)


In this text I consider the notions of Brazilian agency that migrated to Europe from different sectors of the sex market. The analysis is based on a multi-site ethnography carried out in Brazil, Italy and Spain. I consider that the alteration of contexts has an impact on the re-significance of the differentiations that pertain to their inclusion in the sex and marriage markets in those countries of southern Europe. I reflect on these aspects by exploring how constructions of gender, nationality, ethnicity and “race” are driven in the interactions of these migrants. Finally, I draw relations between the categories of recreational identity, migratory contexts and the changes in the meanings given to the consumption of sex on the global market of contemporary sex.

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