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In Lizje kokla Patat ên lizje VEJ gardjet? * Can linguists pass “between languages”?



ID: <10.4000/etudesafricaines.105>·DOI: <10.4000/etudesafricaines.105>


En lizie kokê patat ên fizje vej gardjê? Can Linguistics Pass “Between Languages”? – Lexical data from French (or its regional variant) and/or Creole (acrolectal/basilectal) on Réunion Island (a French Overseas Department in the Indian Ocean) are examined to see whether or not the linguistic affiliations of items are indicated. In contrast with two classical dictionaries based on the notion of a language is a “lexically incorrect” one that raises interesting questions owing to its general perspective. This analysis serves to raise broader questions about contacts between languages, in particular about the pertinence of “language” as a descriptive tool in such situations.

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