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Charles V, Gervais Chrétien and the scientific manuscripts of the College of Maître Gervais





Charles V, Gervais Chrétien and the Scientific Manuscripts of Maître Gervais’ College. Considered as an institution mainly devoted to astrology and medicine by Simon de Phares and some historians who believed that he was reliable, the college founded in 1371 by Charles V’s first physician, Gervais Chrétien, was actually primarily dedicated to theological students. It was not before 1377 that were created there two bursaries for scholares regis, specialised in « licit mathematical sciences », and two medical fellowships. Yet the influence of the activity of these fellows seems to ave been rather moderate and – as far as we can learn from the material still extant, notably from manuscripts that belonged to Maître Gervais’ College and to some of his members – this institution was devoted much more to theological studies than to medicine and quadrivium.

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