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Deconstructing migration paradigms through studies on women’s emigration and immigration in Italy





Research on Italian emigrants and immigrants women has evolved in the same epistemic space; they have asked the same questions and provided complementary answers that allow progress in gender-migration studies around three observations. The first is that the complexity of migration flows is a developing process, linked to a constant superposition of gendered migration patterns; the second shows that power structures involve all women, both migrant and non-migrant; the third emphasizes that differences and similarities are not binary opposites (current/past migrants, migrant/non-migrant). The theoretical and methodological reflexivity developed around the issue of gender and migration issues in Italy makes it possible to grasp the gender dimension as being consubstantial to the construction of knowledge on migration. This work shows the inadequacy of traditional explanatory models and highlights that the study of migration must simultaneously take into account mobility and immobility, centrifugal and centripetal forces, economic and cultural structures, administrative and political dimensions.

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