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Faire et laisser faire le buzz … Dépublicitarisation, frontières et mutation du discours publicitaire sur le net



ID: <10.4000/semen.9665>·DOI: <10.4000/semen.9665>


The "buzz" is an alternative in the traditional advertising discourse today and questions the transformations and the borders of the contemporary advertising discourse. It also asks the question of the co-construction of the discourse by different actors, in particular in the context of a "social and participative" Web. From the study of a case of discursive proliferation generated by a photography on the site of on-line sale of La Redoute, this study analyzes the potential of “evenementialisation dépublicitaire” of this photography and is interested in the transformations among which this one was the object in order to observe the modalities of enrichment of the initial material and to identify the communicational community of the actors of this “depublicitarisation”. Finally, it considers the management of this process by the concerned brand and suggests putting in perspective the principle defended in marketing according to which the consomm-actor is master of the game today.

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