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Web-creative freelance: from self-discipline to “self-management”


This article questions the managerial strategies of “freelance web-creators” (computer graphic designers, web-designers, youtubeurs, video-makers, illustrators, etc.) who have to build and arbitrate on what makes a “working situation”, what is part of their professional and/or personal activity, and the value they give to their own production. Always in search of originality and inspiration, they are present in a very competitive market where precariousness is rife. This socio-economic uncertainty leads them to reconcile several activities and statuses, and to organize their personal and family life accordingly. Consequently, despite the liberation from the subordination of the wage model, these "creative freelancers" set up self-disciplinary strategies to contain their working situation, which implies specific place, time and sociability. Moreover, the uncertainty of creation keeps them in a permanent quest for inspiration. This quest intrudes into all the interstices of life, and sometimes leads them to no longer distinguish work from other activities. Complex choices that involve several spheres, and are part of an existential quest for well-being that leads them to mobilize personal development/coaching tools. These practices are part of a more global approach to the permanent improvement of one’s “human capital” which we have described as “self-management”.

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