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Web-creative freelance: from self-discipline to ‘self-management’


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This article questions the (self-management) — management strategies put in place by freelance web-creatives (infographic designers, web designers, youtubers, video clips, illustrators, etc.) that have to build and arbitrate on what makes ‘work situation’ for them, which is part of their professional and/or personal activity and the value they attach to their production.Everydays in search of originality and inspiration, they are present in a highly competitive market where precariousness is severe. This socio-economic uncertainty leads them to reconcile several activities, statuses, and to organise their personal and family life accordingly. Therefore, despite the lack of subordination specific to the wage model, these ‘freelance creatives’ put in place self-discipline strategies (eddy, 1975, 1994, 2004) to contain their working situation. This means that they need to update a dominant vision of work, inherited from the fordism that refers work to a specific place, time and sociability. This is compounded by the uncertainty of the creation, which keeps them in a permanent search for inspiration. This query interferes with all the gaps in life and sometimes leads them to no longer distinguish between work and other activities. Complex choices that fall within several spheres and are part of an existential quest for well-being. This leads them to mobilise, among other things, personal development/coaching tools. These practices are part of a more comprehensive approach to continually improving their ‘human capital’, which we described as ‘self-management’ (Le Texier, 2015, Paltrinieri, Nicoli, 2017).

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