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Small-scale fishing activity in the south of the Mediterranean: governance, socio-economic dynamics and environmental issues in the Algerian port of Jijel (Boudis)


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Fishing is one of the most important socio-economic activities in the Mediterranean and particularly in the Maghreb. In Algeria, in recent decades it has become a leading employment sector for a large part of the coastal population. Exploitation of the sea is also one of the main animal protein resources for the majority of coastal inhabitants. This article is intended to contribute to the analysis of the socio-economic challenges of fisheries in relation to two main aspects: the first is the governance of coastal natural resources and the second is the fragile coastal ecosystems characterising the Mediterranean Sea. For our work, we base ourselves on the study of the fishing port of Jijel (Boudis), which is considered to be one of the most important fishing infrastructure on the eastern seaboard of Algeria. This port has undergone profound transformations due to massive public investment in the development of port infrastructure as part of a national economic recovery policy. Public action has boosted its regional influence, supporting the marketing of seafood products throughout the coast of the east of Algeria and in the territories of the interior. The modernisation of the port has accompanied the improvement of transport and resale channels for fishery resources, but the governance of fishing activities in Jijel fails to meet the multiple ecological, economic and social constraints.

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