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Socio-evaluation research on the impact of the Marrainage intervention of the Relevailles Group



ID: <10.7202/030262ar>·DOI: <10.7202/030262ar>


The socialization of women has set, for maternal instinct, norms based on standard role-models. When women are unable to conform to the expected role, difficulties arise. This study had two objectives. First, to evaluate the impact of a pairing-sponsorship program for women experiencing adaptation difficulties after childbirth. Volunteer sponsors are women who have experienced maternity and who agree to offer support to new mothers. Secondly, to identify the particular social characteristics of the clientele reached by a mutual help group called «Groupe Les ReIevailles». The authors conducted structured interviews with thirteen client-beneficiaries and six volunteer-sponsors. Each interview took place at the participant's residence, and lasted an average of two hours. A clear improvement in the physical and psychological well-being of the beneficiaries was noted as a result of the support provided by the sponsors. Overall, we remarked a decrease of the guilt-feeling level and an increased feeling of ability and autonomy in one's mother's role. We also observed that the social and family network of the client-beneficiary was very weak. These mothers with young children live in great isolation, and they show a notable departure from the social representation of the perfect mother. Also, we noted that the practices and strategies of the «Groupe Les Relevailles» encouraged the diffusion of a mother role-model which had an emancipating value for women; that is, a maternel role with behavior patterns that do not deny the other needs of women.

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