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Three Québec institutions celebrated their fiftieth anniversary in 1988: Agropur, the Social Sciences Faculty of Laval University and La Laurentienne. For this occasion, as many history books were written to tell the story of their birth, their growth and the circumstances surrounding their development : one by a Laval University sociologist, on Agropur; one by an author-journalist, on La Laurentienne and, in the case of the book on the Laval Faculty, by a group of its professors. Following a survey of the contents and the making of the three books, we will show that the insertion of these institutions into the Quebec time framework helps us to discover resemblances in their original motivations, in the conditions of their development and why not? in their future orientations. The author asks himself whether they are sufficiently aware of their common dcstiny, and why they would not give greater importance for "futurology".

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