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Inhabited bodies, modelled spaces: The Huachipato steel case, 1940-1970





The aim of this paper is to understand, from a socio-historicalperspective, the scope of the industrialization model in thearea of ‘Greater Concepción’ – Chile during the mid-twentiethcentury, through the discussion of spatial design and urbanlocation of houses built for Huachipato Steel company’ workers,established in the area in the late 1940s. We state that theprocess of urban development reveals a new way to structureand inhabit the territory performed by historical and social actorsof the region.We aim to reveal how hegemonic family systems and their expressionin shaping bodies and living spaces become functionalto the particularities of the development model, both inan urban and productive scale. It requires a top-down interventionfrom macroeconomic policies to particular forms ofintervening and modeling private spaces that make up neighborhoodand housing.

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