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Christian apologists and Greek culture



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Actes du colloque de Paris, September 1996, organised by the University of Tours and the Catholic Institute of Paris. The relations between Christian intellectuals and Greek culture were from the outset under the sign of the conflict: this is an internal debate between the attractiveness of literature and thought that had helped to train their young people, and the mistrust of the values and doctrines they conveyed, closely intertwined with paganism; or the sometimes violent controversy between them and representatives of what Greeks would soon be appealing — a cultural model which they rejected as impeded, but from which they refused to be excluded. The authors of this volume, patrologists or theologists, Greeks, Latinists and Orientalists, analyse the attitude of the most representative fathers of their time to this culture: from the first Apologists, heirs of the Jewish-Greek apologetic tradition, to which the first part of the book is devoted — to the triomphe of the Church and the end of the patristic age. The diversity of environments, historical circumstances and times will lead to a multitude of positions, from outright rejection to assimilation: it is this diversity and wealth that the various studies want to reflect.

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