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New forms of training, interaction learning and the production of knowledge in enterprises

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The observation, in companies of various sizes and sectors, of around ten training schemes which do not correspond to the standard form of training in a company but are more closely integrated into working situations, brings to light the existence of an interactive learning process based either on the formation of interhierarchical, interfunctional and/or inter-competency internal groups or on an internal/external link to the company. One of the purposes of this process is the production of knowledge in the enterprise, specific knowledge essential for its operation in a context of uncertainty and rapid change. The built interaction is more or less broad and more or less rich: it varies from the combination of two types of skills (operational-functional, hierarchical, inter-operational or external functional) to configurations where operations of different technicalities, functions and hierarchies interact. The knowledge produced is naturally dependent on the purpose and richness of the interaction. They correspond not only to knowledge of the products, processes and processes used, but also to working methods: collective problem-solving and internal coordination methods.

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