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Femicide in the New Lima/Femicide in the New Lima neighborhood


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According to the Criminal System and Violence (PUC-RS Electronic Revista), femicide/feminicide is a category of feminist analysis created to name and visualise the different forms of extreme violence, making it possible to speak of a continuum of gêner-based violence. To name feminicide violence is to legally recognise a form of extreme violence against women and thus symbolically important. This work looks at those who know women who suffer or have suffered assault, whether they understand what to do if they experience aggression and from that to create a solution to mitigate the number of future cases of feminicide in the New Lima district in the city of Campo Grande, MS.One of the methods of searching for this work was the application of questionnaires for students from E. Profª Ada Teixeira Dos Santos Pereira, seeking to know if they have any knowledge of the subject and whether women know how to prevent themselves.

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