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Capucins and writing in the 17th and 18th centuries according to the Bernard de Bologna Bibliotheca

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National audience. If capucins do not have a well-established intellectual reputation, in the 17th and 18th centuries they nevertheless provided many writers to the whole of Europe. The bibliography of the order published in 1747 by the Italian capucin Bernard de Bologna shows 1072 authors, mainly in Italy, Spain and France. This dictionary also shows how the writing fits into an apostolic career: the religions taking the feathers are mostly preachers and, more rarely, religions with higher charges. They are involved in all pastoral genders: spirituality, controversy, preaching, scholastic theology, ecclesiastical history, justifying their efforts to write by educational, apologetic or doctrinal intent. At the end of the old regime, at the end of the old regime, a look at the capucine libraries shows that the authors were well received by their brothers, who are based on the awareness that they belong to a specific order, the choice of their libraries’ books. It can thus be seen how writing is an asset for an order that was initially responsive to any form of study.

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