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Metamorphosis of recognition: I. Recognition in the construction of the subject


Transactional analysis is often presented as a discipline for articulating intrapsychic and social integration. In this series of articles, we envisage recognising the articulation between intrapsychic and intersubjective as a pivot. With this in mind, we will place it at the heart of the constitution of the subject. Indeed, it seemed to us that the concept of “recognition” was a key theme of transactialising theory. In our various research and readings, it became clear to us that Eric Bern was, as often, particularly visionary on this topic. However, he developed his thoughts from his intuitions without always having had time to support them id = “re1no1” idref = “no1” typeref = “note” b1 '/renvoib solidement.In the light of theoretical advances proposed by other authors and in other approaches — psychanalysis, neuropsychology, philosophy, social psychology, sociology — not all of which were yet available at the time of Berne, we sought to develop the links between the concept of ‘recognition’ as seen in transactional analysis on the one hand and those different theories on the other, particularly in terms of the mental development of the individual. Our project is therefore a critical analysis, confirmation and continuation of Bernian reflection on the subject.

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