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Comments on Eckhart’s preaching: The role of predictions in the whole of Eckhart’s work, with some reflections on the ‘iblocutio italiatica’/ib


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, was approximately 100 in Latin and 120 in the upper German average. Criticism places most of these German predictions in the last decade of Eckhart’s life. But his interest in predicting is present in his work from the beginning and accompanies his entire career. In particular, what characterises his homiletic work in relation to masters in theology, his contours, seems well to be the use of the vulgary language and the particular care given to the literary formatting and publication of such predictions. Hence the question asked: why this interest in the use of the vulgary language? The focus in this study is therefore on German predictions and in this regard two arguments which appear to be particularly significant are addressed. The first focuses on the need for their coastal recontextualisation. Indeed, the liturgical aspect has been completely redacted in critical editing and literature. The second is evidenced by the need to explore the literary nature of predictions, which are not de facto “postponed” by auditors, but have been drafted and published by the author himself. Finally, the essential link between locutio italiatica and demonstrative discourse (‘natiurlîche rede’) is a characteristic of eckhartienne homiletic: examination of a number of texts taken from the Defence of Eckhart (1326) attempts to shed light on this concept.

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