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The staff of the bonaeran prison service in the Hierarchy of Alcaides seniors: an analysis of human rights training in the period from 2007 to 2013


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Prison work involves pursuing the task with people who have been deprived of their liberty; whereas they can lead to mental disorders or addictions, lack social and educational skills, come from marginalised groups in society; but each is unique in its own right. Prison staff should treat them in a humane and fair manner; ensure their security and empower them to rely on deprivation of liberty in order to secure their return to society at the time of release. It is therefore necessary to transform thinking, posture and sensitivity to the issue. This is achieved by the changes brought about by the capacity building, which is an instrument for the staff to become aware of each other’s role, from and to humans when performing their duties; to create higher living conditions for relationships and personal growth. Nowadays, human rights training is legitimised and awarded by legislation and educational institutions. The identification of human rights is essential because, while not expeditiously forging the validity of rights in the social context, it legalises and puts the issue; working together to start reflecting in law and attributing responsibility to state officials. Prisons are dynamic institutions which are constantly changing, so it is essential to give officials this knowledge and to shape their skills; these should be developed both within the prison administration and with other bodies. Development to be carried out throughout the working life of the prison official. Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences

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