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Identity Dynamics the habitants of La Paz(PACEÑOS)les Aymaras And Metis.


In the city of La Paz people two kinds of identity, Aymara or mestizo, they are the result of socio-economic and cultural aspects are generally attributed. Generally the allocation of the mestizo identity relates to the middle-class and urban Aymara identity relates to the peasant classes. However Rossana Barragán (2009) reports that some people living in rural areas also identify themselves as mestizo and there are people living in urban areas who identify themselves as Aymara. In order to deepen this study, as we consider the geographical space is generating identities, we propose a third category of analysis paceña identity, self-identification as a possibility, and if it goes to a political project. In this context it is important to study the Aymara, mestizo identity Paz and taking into account the different stages of migration paceña urban population, considering the categories of gender, employment status and activity class. Thus it is necessary to ask if the company has gone Paz Aymara reconstructing identity, Mixed and if one starts to emerge paceña identity, it is important to know how these identities are positioned within the La Paz urban society.

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