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Landscape morphological analysis between archaeology and town and country planning. Urban form and country form studies in Val-d'Oise (France)


This work explains how historical landscape study can be used for town and country planning. The morphology studies land allotment, settlement and road networks dynamics. In the first part, we explore the morphological experience in archaeology, geography and town planning. It contains conceptual separation between past & present, form & function, form & flow, local & global scales. In the second part, we try to exceed these separations between our works in archaeology and town & country planning. In archaeology, our technical choices permit us to change our focus: to past study, it comes to an evaluation of an enriched present by past. In town and country planning, the road network resilience depends of a complex temporal and spatial construction. In third part, we criticize the past form traditional approaches who loose diversity and networks potentials. We propose databases in GIS to develop a knowledge based on forms associations with complexes temporalities.

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