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Local dynamics and territorial construction : socio-anthropological approach of the local development process in the rural municipality of Fandene (Thiès – Senegal)

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How to give an account of the dialectical relationship between the density of social interactions and the building of development in a local system of action which the territory can constitute? This is the key question which our thesis tries to answer. The issues of local development are posed with regards to processes carried out by actors of all kinds, registered in contexts of building their territory. The rural municipality of Fandène is a laboratory rich for experimentation of development practices. As such, Fandène is ideal for studying the act of reaching the local, the actor and, to penetrate into the heart of the action, hidden social situations; where the logic of action and the strategies of actors are muddled in the everyday life of projects and development initiatives. Thus, the socioanthropology of development turned out to be useful in addressing these questions and promoted the use of the systematic approach to analyze interactions, on the one hand, the interactions both in the local organizations (EIG, FPG), and between them and the agencies of Development (NGO), and, on the other hand, the motivations of the actors to take part in the so-called development. With observations, interviews and questionnaires, the field inquiry allowed for the collection of data on the actors and created social relationships, whose analysis allowed for, among other things, the start of an incomplete but interesting, ''profiling'' of certain actors, based on the motives and intentions of participating in collective action.

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