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Discovering the work and health of hospital cleaners



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Among the transformations that have occurred in recent decades include the restructuring of the productive activities, incorporation of technology, increased outsourcing, deregulation of rights at work and outsourcing. This study aims to analyze the trajectories and work activities and their repercussions on the health of the workers hospital cleaning. It was used a questionnaire with questions about motion paths work, ability to work, analysis of work- related accidents with 69 workers; in addition to observing the different workplaces. There was a predominance of women (89.9%), with report of work early in the history of life and experiences as domestic workers and in the countryside. Workers have reported fear and insecurity from with the outsourcing process and the recognition of the loss of health and work. The diseases with medical diagnosis reported injuries by accidents, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular; and emotional diseases take on self-referred. The hospital cleanup work requires adequate physical capacity and therefore health monitoring to understand the specificity of this activity. The theme of work and its relationship with health becomes important, because the current changes point to the precariousness and intensification of work and brought repercussions to life, to health and subjectivity of the working class.

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