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From MD CREDIF to Plurilingualism and multimedia: back on 10 years of research by a language teaching team

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speaking on behalf of the researchers of the above team, I sought to show how we built our research, from the moment we decided in 1995 to focus on the integration of multimedia into language teaching/learning. What is the starting point of this team? What questions have been asked about the choice of corpus, methodology (s)? What study objects did it choose? What scientific porosity does it have with related disciplines? How has our reflection evolved over 10 years? On the basis of the work done collectively by our team (in particular through periodic study days), some of the continuities, but also some of the journeys that took place at different levels (theoretical, methodological) during this period are highlighted. As a second step, we set out the main points of our current work, based on the following three strands: web site analysis, website usage and computer-mediated communication. Finally, the latter is illustrated by the presentation of examples of corpus (and associated research methodology) drawn from contractual projects in which we are currently engaged and which tend to open up the network of researchers in which our team has traditionally been involved.

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