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Plurality of volunteering and disputes over legitimacy within a professional sports club: the case of Quimper Volley 29 Elite

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The organizational study of Quimper Volley 29 Elite shows that, following the example of the structures stemming from the associative sports movements, this club launched a process of professionalization which leads to relational and organizational difficulties. The object of this report is to question the origin and the meaning of these difficulties exceeding and only systematic approach to understand the way the cultural references of the amateur sport live with the professional dimensions. In that respect, the led work is interested in the various voluntary work according to an ideal-typical approach, and in the cultural, social and symbolic capital that they mobilize to produce different legitimacies of commitment. In so doing, our investigation shows how the position of every voluntary work within the professional field implies an unstable organization and governance that is distant from the rules of the associative democracy.

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