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The 5th book of the Civil Warsw written by Appian of Alexandria : critical edition, french translation and commentary





Appian of Alexandria was a Greek rhetor and a historian of Rome who lived under the Antoninian dynasty (Ist — IInd century A. D.). He wrote a Roman History in twenty-four books which covers the period from the origins of Rome to the reign of Trajan (VIIIth century B. C. — IInd century A. D.). TheCivil Wars are part of this historical work. The fifth book of the Civil Wars is about the late Roman Republic, more particularly the events occurring since the victory of Philippi (42 B. C.) until the death of Sextus Pompey (35 A. D.). Our philological and historical researches are aimed at making a critical edition of this book in accordance with the requirements of the Collection des Universités de France. Our dissertation thus contains the greek text established by a new collation of the manuscripts, a modern french translation, as well as a litterary and historical commentary by way of introduction and annotations.

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