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The exponential advance of artificial intelligence and all other technologies untapped within the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution have brought us to a categorical turn for humanity. We are developing computers capable of self-programming and being autonomous to the extent that the initial programming has nothing to do with its subsequent development. This leads us to a number of dilemmas. On the one hand, the machines, endowed with ‘freedom’, will end humanity or at least dehumanise it in such a way that, together with a mathematical algorithm, they will decide how human race should be, which person is fit for life or not, and what turn science should make. We will become useless in a robotic world. On the other hand, by following a logical approach, humanity could be better, as there would be no room for bad. Humans would have more time to travel, learn, think, play, love and every wonderful of spirit, while machines work and produce for us. There would be no paedophilia, racism or posture. However, could human creativity become “super-creativity” by harnessing the increased capacity of artificial intelligence? Would people’s creativity simply be displaced by a higher level of intelligence from machines? would we be playing as God, inventing smart, but unconscious beings? Would we end up with humanity for the incontenible sovereign of our race? Would we have sufficient capacity to develop this technology in a controlled manner for our service? Anxious questions that need to be answered.

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