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Else Feldmann: Letter of the border: Journalist and writer in Vienna of the interwar period (Edition 1)


The forgotten Jewish author Else Feldmann gives an indiscriminate insight into social disruptions in Vienna during the interwar period. With energy and clarity, she shows its causes and consequences, which she knows too well from her own, often painful experience.‘Unexplored deep and thousands of secrets are the paths of human hardship,’ says Else Feldmann in one of her first Feuilletons, many of whom she was supposed to write for various newspapers during the inter-war period before she became the victim of Nazi extermination.Else Feldmann was able to live around the labour movement as a journalist and writer from her origin from Jewish ghetto to manipulate in the field of the artist’s champion in a relatively early age. prostituted young people, unemployed people, service bots, young mothers and men and women from proletariat.Elisabeth Debazi understands and ranks for the first time literature from a Jewish author who has been wrongly forgotten.

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