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This work aimed to examine the performance of the main commercial movement analysis systems using images. It took into account two types of criteria: those relating to the accuracy and reproducibility of the measure and those relating to ergonomics, i.e. the ease and duration of implementation, collection, reconstruction3D and post-processing of the data. Parts I and II have shown that only a few systems have excellent performance for all types of tests. Among them, Vicon systems are characterised by excellent performance combined with a top-down ergonomics (Part III). They are certainly among the most important systems currently on the market and the most economic ones when taking into account purchase costs and operating costs (including the payroll of operators). Combined with efficient (M.S.M.) processing tools, they are the most cost-effective from a performance scientific support perspective with immediate return (analytical report) to athletes and their coaches (Part IV). This type of approach, such as testing, can of course be involved in regular training work with a view to decorrecting his movement on line by the athlete. Although some attempts have been made on the outside, this type of system is particularly recommended for all saltwater sports.However, if we are interested in outdoor sports, particularly in decompetition situations, classic video solutions (Part V) should be used. While these solutions are very interesting from the point of view of the accuracy of the measure, they are accompanied by extremely heavy interventions for operators and make it illusory to return to athletes quickly and inexpensive without huge work upstream. At present, this work still needs to be done to move these video tools from an exceptional user in the context of research to routine use in the context of training with direct return to the athlete or his trainer.

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