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Everyday sexism in teenagers. The association with relationships and the maternity and paternity model





Female identity is still represented by an emotional dependency, empathy and taking care of others, meanwhile the male one is still associated to self-sufficiency, rationality, self-control, strength, power and competitiveness. Everyday sexim are male domination practices on their daily life, precisely consolidated on the social/cultural subtleness, almost imperceptible, practiced even by “the less of the world’s male chauvinist”. In recent studies about Spanish youth, it is noticed the persistence of traditional gender roles. Objective. Recognize social representations of the everyday sexim inside the couple model and the concept teenagers have about paternity/maternity in the Center district of Madrid. Methodology. Qualitative study where two different discussion groups were created, one with boys and the other one with girls. Conclusion. The results of such study show a teenager population knowledgeable of the male chauvinist matters, and become aware to make a change towards a more equal society. It is shown the importance the education has in equality at early ages to achieve a change in the society. It is important to carry on exploring the youngers point of view regarding these matters, to get to know up to what point they are truly changing their perspective.

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