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Accompanying learning today between resistance to school form and transmission of the ‘profession’



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‘titrebSummary’/titrebThe persistence of an accompanying form of vocational learning is a fact that is ignored, and the temptation is great to reduce it to a mere survival of an old method of production. On the contrary, that article is devoted to highlighting its specific conditions of opportunity and logic. Accompanying learning is based primarily on the persistence of small market output in France, particularly in the construction sector. It then appears to be a resistance to the domination of the ‘school form’ over the transmission of knowledge and the control of the technician’s figure on the training of professional identities and, finally, for young people who are generally at odds with the education system, is a strategy designed to deal not only with contradictions in ‘school democratisation’ but also with the precarious situation of workers, particularly young people, on the labour market.

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