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Women and access to land in Cameroon

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RESUME Accroitre, women’s access to land is crucial for combating hunger and poverty. However, only 8 % of women have access to land ownership in Cameroon (MICS, 2014). This low level of access to land ownership motivates this research, which has as its main question: what are the reasons for poor access to land ownership for women aged 15-49 in Cameroon? In order to address this concern, the aim of this study was to contribute to a better understanding of the factors explaining the lack of access to land ownership among Cameroonian women. The data used are derived from the MICS V carried out by the NSI in 2014. As a method of analysis, we used the multivariate model of binary logistic regression. The explanatory analysis shows that the highest chance of accessing land ownership in descending order according to their contribution to the explanation of the phenomenon has been found among married/widowed women, who belong to a tontin association, are employed/self-employed, live in the eastern, southern and northern regions and are over 25 years of age. To this end, we recommend continuing efforts to enrol the young girl, funding women’s projects, access to credit, and awareness-raising campaigns among the customary authorities on the harm of excluding women from inheritance.

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