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Language sciences in international cooperation between France and Brazil. The intercultural dimension : from the didactics of language and culture to language and educational policies


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Concept formation
Context (Linguistics)
Grammar, Comparative and general--Context
Situation (Linguistics)
Sharing economy
Distribution, Cooperative
Collaborative economy
Cooperative movement
Cooperative distribution
Peer-to-peer economy
Language and languages
Foreign languages
Education of children
Human resource development
Education, Primitive
Buildings--Design and construction
Building design
Western architecture (Western countries)
Architecture, Western (Western countries)
Linguistic science
Science of language


In this research, I will question a concept halfway between knowledge and action, interculturality in field oflanguage sciences and more specifically in educational and linguistic policies, within the context ofinternational cooperation between France and Brazil. Which intercultural skills are French and Braziliancooperating partners lacking of in international cooperation? To what extent is the intercultural dimensiontaken into account in language education policies in France, in Brazil and at an international level? Whatrecommendations for language education policies, both in terms of initial training and continuing education,are conceivable to train cooperating partners? These are the questions that this doctoral dissertation will tryto answer through an analysis of interculturality in French and Brazilian language education policies. Thequalitative approach of my analysis is based on a corpus of semi-directive interviews and observations on asynchronic, macro and micro levels. This highlights the multiplicity of challenges and the different dynamicsat work within the question of interculturality in language education policies, and into the didactics oflanguage and culture. This research deals with the cultural and linguistic dimensions of the cooperationbetween France and Brazil through the prism of the language and culture substratum. It’s from this linguisticand cultural substrate, which carries the linguistic exchanges of the cooperating partners that we will askourselves how the international cooperation between France and Brazil are sources of intercultural relations.These relations are a prerequisite and necessary to a successful partnership. We will also measure theintegrity of adaptable antagonisms as a source of construction of intercultural skills in situations experiencesby international cooperation professionals. This work fits within a perspective of continuous professionaldevelopment, taking into account the intercultural dimension in language education policies, with theobjective to train professionals in international cooperation between France and Brazil at initial andcontinuing education levels.

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