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«Verdugueo»: sentidos subjetivos acerca del hostigamiento policial que sufren jóvenes de sectores populares de Córdoba (Argentina)




Over the past few decades, Argentina has developed a field of study on police violence, with emphasis on the harassment practices suffered by young people from low-income sectors. This article focuses on the subjective sense, that is, the subjective meanings and emotional record that these experiences have for the victims. Within the framework of a qualitative methodological strategy, different conversational techniques were developed (in-depth interviews, socio-educational workshops, ongoing conversations), which are complemented by answers to open-ended questions from a survey. Verdugueo is a local category that young people themselves use to designate these everyday experiences, including the use of physical violence on bodies and the use of speech for intimidating purposes. It combines humiliation and shame as predominant feelings and expresses the exercise of power by the Cordovan police state, articulating discretion, impunity, and spectacularization.

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