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« National Vision » (Millî Görüş) : Religion, nationalism and politics among the Turks of France and Germany



ID: <10670/1.5ek8gc>


This dissertation explores the issues of Turkish nationalism, as part of a Turkish immigration experience, within the Millî Görüş Islamic community in France and Germany. Taking into account various roles that the community plays in the lives of its members in the host countries, it analyzes the link between national constructions and the process of socialization within the community. While the community seems to play a certain intermediary role in the reappropriation of issues related to the host countries, it also conveys the transmission of a set of values related to “Turkishness” which, by force of its roots in religious, political, cultural and historical grounds, clearly remains a resistant identity, establishing at the same time the means of identification with the Turkish nation and the country of origin.

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