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Critical edition, translation and commentary of the Jordanes’s Romana

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In 551 AD, Jordanès, a christian author of gothic origin, wrote two books in latin : the De origine actibusque Getarum and the De summa temporum uel origine actibusque gentis Romanorum, which are also respectively called Getica and Romana. The first one of these texts drove attention because of the originality of its subject, the history of the gothic people, but the second one remained widely overlooked, if not despised. The Romana were only seen as a patchwork of already kown texts and Jordanes was supposed to have written it poorly, given that he’s presenting himself as an « agrammatus ».Therefore the goal of this thesis is to question these prejudices by proposing a new critical edition, a translation and a commentary of the Romana. The previous editors of Jordanes’ textes had biases, negatives (Mommsen 1882) or positives (Giunta & Grillone 1992 et Grillone 2017) about our author’s competences. And their editions were more a reflection of these biases that of Jordanes’original writting. We tried on the contrary to suspend our judgment as long as possible on the quality of the Romana et to let the manuscripts guide us so we can deliver a text which teaches us more about Jordanes.Furthermore, the Romana’s commentary reveals the interest of studying it. It is not caracterized by its literary qualities, but it is a good case study to see how history was made in the 6th century, which also gives a insight on of the lost Historia Romana of Quintus Aurelius Memmius Symmachus. Lastly Jordanes shows us how Eastern Romans may have seen the empire and its history at their time. Indeed, besides the existent christian tone in the Romana, Jordanes leaves above all the impression of an helpless man facing his empire falling apart.

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