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Emotional states and prosodie: paradigms, models, parameters

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Concept formation
Human emotions
Constructivism (Psychology)
Constructivism (Education)
Constructivist education
Constructionism (Education)
Cognitive-developmental theory
Piagetian theory of cognitive development
Context (Linguistics)
Grammar, Comparative and general--Context
Situation (Linguistics)
Mental philosophy
Behavioral sciences
Science, Mental
Linguistic science
Science of language


This book quickly shows the various philosophical concepts that have been reported since ancient times on the existence and manifestations of emotions in humans. It was then shown how, from the 20th century onwards, various paradigms embraced this field, such as the universalist paradigm, social constructivism and cognitivism. In the context of these paradigms, the field of studies and experiences in the field of neurophysiology, neuropathology, investigation of brain areas, the latest developments in brain imaging, psychology, linguistics, prosodie, IT tools, the author shows how the conceptual, emotional and body dimensions are intertwined.

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