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Feminist movements in the digital age. The communication strategies of the Ni One Less Movement

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This article is based on the question of the role played by the communication strategies in organising the collective action of the women’s and feminist Ni One Less movement, originating in Argentina. It is assumed that the success of this movement is largely due to the use of digital technologies, mainly social media. The theoretical and methodological approach used consists of explaining the logic of political organisation and participation, from the conceptual framework of political cyberactivism, through a qualitative case study analysis. One of the most important conclusions is that no One Less deployed a strategic use of ICTs that allowed her to position themselves as a mass movement, while at the same time boosting internal organisational mechanisms. However, its success in this regard was fostered by the socio-institutional characteristics of the group of organisers, and by a media environment that paved the way for the visibility of femicide speeches.

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