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The body in the Falsafa



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This paper studies the notion of the body in the Arabic philosophy. The body was always forgotten. Despite the fact that most of the scholars were always more interested in the study of the soul, the body is always present. This research shows the importance of the body in the falsafa and the problems related to it that shows the abyss between philosophy and Islam. The body emphasizes two major problems, the first related to psychology and the second related to eschatology. That is why our research is divided into two major subjects: in the first one we study the definition of the soul and its relationship to the body to be able to find a definition to the body, and in the second one we study the question of the bodily resurrection in the afterlife. Our main claim is that the body is one of the major problem between philosophy and religion. It is the source of many other points of divergence. In order to do so, we study the writing of the falasifa especially Fārābī, Ibn Sīnā, Al-Ghazālī and Mullā Sadrā and compare then to Islamic sacred texts. The conclusion that we try to support is that it is not possible to talk about an Arabic philosophy of the body unless a new understanding of Islamic religion and the Islamic sacred texts is accepted.

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