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Who som@s? Women’s spaces on the internet


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Mass communication
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Social capital (Sociology)
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Personal liberty
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Media, The
Media, Mass
Mass media


Cyberspace is a good place for women’s activism with programming in line with their expectations in a difficult context for written media, especially alternatives. Since the 1990s, women’s organisations have been developing important initiatives in this field. Newsletters, websites, portals, forums, alongside information services produced by networks of journalists and communicators from Latin American countries, represent an important social capital that cannot be ignored. Find a story involving women with renovated dozers by proposing another closer look at women as social subjects, with a different conception of the dissemination of information considered as a public service to society, rather than as a commercial product. They build an area of freedom and empowerment where global patterns and stereotypes look like to give way to creation and subversion within a gender and local perspective. The analysis (evaluation of communication, information and interactive resources and resources to promote social intervention) covers eight experiences from five different countries, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Spain and Mexico: four news agencies (ALAI, Latin American Information Agency, CIMAC, Communication and Information of Women, SEM, Special Service for Women, ISIS International in Chile) and four portals (E-LEUSIS, MUJERES EN RED, MUJERES HOY, MODEMMUJER). Using global resources for the dissemination of information, such as the Internet, these spaces are involved in a phenomenon that is close to glocalisation.

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