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Physical Education is an obligatory disicpline at primary school which aims to develop pupils motors functions. However, many teachers are not comfortable with this one and prefer to be helped by independent contractor. Yet, it has been shown that Physical Education is a favorable discipline for the acquisition of many skills, especially related to languages, hence the importance for teachers to relate it to other disciplines taught. The subject of this dissertation is to show the existing links between Languages, other than bodily, and Physical Education, trough physical activity dance. Problem is therefore the following : « In what way, different forms of language, other than bodily, allow students to build and perform a collective choreography incorporating a number of constraints ? ». The theoretical framework of the problematisation of Fabre is used to an analytical support for this problem. Indeed, this one presents the interest to put the pupils in problem situation in ordre to appropriate the knowledge to reach a goal. To do that, interactions within a group of four students were observer to see the different roles played by oral language and written language both in the construction and in the realization of their choreography. The analysis of the results showed the predominance of the use of oral language in the two phases of work compared to the written language. However, the role of the teacher and his support have proved to be essential to the implementation of the experience.

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