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Migration experience of (in) mobility: migration, gender and environment in the lower area of Canton Cañar


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This research work seeks to understand how migration processes in Canton Cañar are experienced by women who have not migrated. It also describes how this migration experience of “staying”, combined with structural historical phenomena such as the sexual division of labour and the environmental problems of the area, shape particular ways of linking and designing the living space. Space is understood as a social construction or a series of ever-changing and controversial representations. It is the female peasants who live in the migration process ‘while staying’ in the locality, the subject of this study; and their relationship with political organisations, environmental care and their family and social arrangements in the community. The issue is addressed from a structural perspective in which migration, gender relations and environmental problems are seen as phenomena corresponding to a global political economy, which creates specific conditions of inequality and production in territories where the various exclusions are specifically intertwined. Briefly, this research looks at the link between the migration experience of “staying”, gender from a relational perspective, and the environment in which social construction is the result of, among other things, the two previous phenomena. This has been done by using as the main tool the participating observation and social mapping application, where the same women present and describe the inhabited location.

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