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Ethnography of housing movements struggling in Southern Europe: methodological challenges in collaborative research for social action





Stop Evictions 15M Granada (Andalusia-Spanish State-Southern Europe) is a movement born in 2011 that is facing the lack of housing availability for a large number of people, whose mortgaged homes are growingly being evicted. Therefore, this movement is confronting the State unwillingness to offer practical solutions to the housing problem. Focusing on Stop Evictions’s ecosystem of social action, we will share the steps we are taking to immerse ourselves in new ways of doing-inhabiting an ethnographic research based on “the common(s)”, on collaborative research and on collective knowledge production together with the housing movement. First we will begin by contextualizing the places in which we live and research, then we will discuss the “listening apparatuses” (focusing on “debate forums” and on a transmedia project) that we have set up inside the group. We conceive these experiences as part of our co-research process, in which we are attempting to decolonize the ethnographic practice mostly by: i) adopting a methodological pluriversalism, ii) placing political subjectivation processes at the heart of engaged research.

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