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What was not said in the heart of Kaláshnikov by Alejandro Páez Varela. Characters, causalities, parataxis


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Ethics, Primitive
Science, Moral
Philosophy, Moral
Moral philosophy


A stylistic analysis of Kaláshnikov heart (2009) by Alejan-dro Páez Varela highlights the highly elliptical degree of the novel: the targeting of characters is external, logical relationships are implicit and the style is largely paratlactic. It seems to respond to an ethical choice by distancing itself from the sensationalist representations of violence in the city of Juárez, which the writer shares with Bolaño in 2666, particularly the part on femicide, and which reflects the situation in Global South. At the same time, the novelty of Páez Varela seems to be linked to a unique geographical and climate environment in northern Mexico. His parco and tense style shares it, for example, with Nellie Campobello, David Toscana and the Cords.

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