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The Serpent biblique: instructions for use or “when the Bête does the Ange”



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Two primary figures emerge in most religions: the divinised Woman, in the shape of the goddess-mother, and the Snake, a shape taken by the most ancient of male gods. These two archetypes are also present from the beginning in the Bible, with variances in their status: the Woman is only woman, naive and not much able to resist temptation, and the snake is a cunning liar, whom Christianism will turn into the receptacle for the Demon. The « ophites », or worshipers of the Snake, a gnostic sect from the beginnings of Christianism, changed the rules by making the snake the visible shape God is taking to incite men to search for knowledge, which the Demon wants to keep away from them. Thus Eve, or Life (Havva), mother of all living, becomes the first one to be initiated to the religion of the true God. This trend transforms the perception of some commonly negative figures from the Bible, such as Cain, or even Judas, as reveled in the recent 2006 publication of The Evangile according to Judas. The fact that this paradoxical thought exists shows how malleable animal symbolism is, illustrating the contradictory feelings mankind has toward the « zoosphere ». If man wanting to play the angel can play the beast, the Beast can receive the voice of the Angel, messenger (angelos) of the divine word (logos).

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