Sinergia por nuestros derechos humanos: ante la violencia contra las mujeres en España, Guatemala y México
Triple Keywords
Manners and customs
Power (Social sciences)
Electoral politics
Reflection (Philosophy)


This article contains reflections on gender violence against women in Mexico, Spain and Guatemala and the transformation of the problem from a private into a public one. This change is partly due to formal complaints and demands made by feminist movements for intervention by their governments. Violence against women is a problem of social justice and democratic governance. All three countries have approved laws elaborated in the frame work of CEDAW, the Vienna Convention on Human Rights of Women, the Platform and Action Plan of Beijing and, the Convention of Belém Do Pará. It is important to compare these countries although they differ greatly as far as the level of human development and democracy, as well as gender violence against women are concerned. The article analyzes the laws, the politics to eradication. Finally, the article addresses the necessity to achieve an international, national and local synergy in order to attain a mutual strengthening on a political and institutional level, of academic and civil organizations with governments and international institutions so as to promote joint actions.

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