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Demolition of the Hôtel-God d’Orléans. An example of municipal vandalism under the July Monarchy





`titrebThe demolition of the Hospital of Orleans. `/titrebA case of municipal vandalism during the Monarchy of July The pulling down of the ancient Hospital of Orleans, in the surroundings of the cathedral Sainte-Croix, is one of the most brilliant demonstrations of the municipal vandalism during the Monarchy of July. Decided by the common council, with the support of the conseil général of Loiret, it was a project planned since the eighteenth century for hygienic and urban reasons. This project triggered off a row with the young Commission des monuments historiques, founded in 1837 to organize a national politic for the protection of the historic monuments. Its attempts to forbid the decision degenerated into a general strife between the local and the central authorities. The state chose to give up and the monument has been pulled down. This event shows the slow progress of the idea of the protection of the historic monuments in nineteenth-century France.

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