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Mobility for emancipation or mobility for rooting: interaction of mobility scales in Paris and Santiago de Chile





The joint analysis of individual or family strategies of daily and residential mobility -which is hereby proposed- aims at better understanding both processes, in a context where the home appears not only as an origin or a destination but also as a resource for mobility. This approach allows the observation of the eventual substitution or complementation effects between both areas -daily and residential-, that is to say, when daily travels compensate or, on the contrary, follows the residential mobility pattern. The paper3 analyzes the integration of the multiple dimensions of mobility, in search for key principles through which meaning is conveyed at the same time by the relationship with the territory, the decisions related to the extension and intensity of mobility, as well as life projects and ethical values. Thus, from the study of poor workers of the far suburb of Paris, we set the bases to discuss its replicability to the case of Santiago of Chile.

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